About Sam

Samantha (Sam) Corrie is recognised for her innate ability to facilitate profound change in peoples lives by helping, particularly women, come home to their HEART and their TRUTH.

“I welcome you to my website.

I have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to sit in sacred space with extra-ordinary healers, folk-healers and shamans, wise women and men, earth based healers, and druids, in Ireland, England, New Zealand and Australia.

My greatest teacher though has been Mother Earth. I love sitting on rocks over looking the unlimited expanse of the ocean, travelling abroad to sacred sites, walking in the rain and wind, and dancing in storms. I have been awakened through visions, dreamings and journeyings by sitting, listening, and purging. The Earth, her Elements and the Spirits of the Land have shown me so much, taught me so much, and held me in so many ways as I purged, renewed and woke again.

I have learnt that what I feared within myself was and is my greatest teacher.

So I stopped trying to be strong, holding it all together and ignoring my feelings. I realised that the only way to access the treasure within was to befriend the dragon that I feared.. my own demons, inner fears, loneliness, low self esteem, poor body image, my fear of anger, my shame, the need to always be “good” and my distorted view of sensuality and what being a divine feminine  truly meant.

So I walked many dark tunnels within myself and I befriended all that I once hide and feared. I healed my inner landscape and reclaimed my inner truth, my lost soul parts and my divine femininity.

I did this for me. I did this to help heal my ancestors. And I continually walk this walk to help create a gentler path for my children.

As a Mumma of twins I am passionate about understanding who I am, so that I can be a more present, aware and conscious parent.  As a result I have gained a truly unique view of parenting, raising children and communicating.

In walking this path, I have realised that when we heal ourselves we heal the world.  By sharing my wisdoms, skills and life journey I help you reclaim your lost soul parts, inner truth and heart.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, through trauma, soul loss, illness and or pain, addiction and “stuff” we cut away at our inner landscape and fell our inner forests, and we disconnect from the Earth – we fear nature, we hurt nature and we become unaware of our footprint upon the Earth.

When we become more connected to ourselves we automatically become more connected to the splendour of Nature.

Through gentle and profound healing techniques I will hold space for you as you cross the boundary line of pain, trauma and dis-connection, to a space where you can deeply exhale,

because now you can let go of the once held shackles and patterns of your life, you can deeply breathe out and you can hold space for your inner forest to grow once again.

And in this new space, where a deeper connection to yourself, to nature, to your heart and your truth lives I look forward to welcoming you home.

Home to your heart.

Dear friend,

If my story and my skills can help you in your own personal journey, I would be honoured to hold sacred space for you.  Maybe you would like a  healing or mentoring session or you would like to sit in sacred circle with other like minded folk for regular meditation gatherings or seasonal woman’s circles.

Maybe you would prefer to share my online workshops where you can be cosy in your own home,

or maybe you feel that now is the right time to leave your current shore of ideals and beliefs and journey forth into what seems like unknown seas for deeper healing and transformation as you commit to my year-and-a-day program – The Immrama – sacred voyage of the spirit

I welcome you to my website, and I look forward to walking with you as you come home,

Home to your heart.

Until we meet,

Blessed Be

Updated Autumn Equinox 2020