Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer


Samantha has touched many lives and facilitated change for many people over the years.

I feel so honored to have Sam share her amazing skills and kindness with me. She has helped me explore troubled areas that I didn’t know how to connect with or discuss; showing me possible paths to take at my own pace and new capacities to see and approach what might lie on those paths. Through Sam’s gentle and kind education and holding of space I have found new insights and tranquilities and new questions to consider.

When Sam reaches into her vast trove of knowledge and experience and bring forth subtle and appropriate ways to heal, it seems both amazing and “of course”. Deep thanks, Sam.

Jane – Brisbane

Samantha is one of the beacons of light in my life and because of her unconditional Love and true connection, her healing touch has contributed to move all of my trauma into just breathing again gently. I am grateful and blessed to have crossed path with such a beautiful woman.

Virginia – France

Sam Corrie has an extraordinary gift of healing and I, together with members of my family, have been beneficiaries. Sam is a wonderful listener and a sensitive, caring and effective spiritual healer; her interactions are truthful and honest and her results have been measurable in my life. Just over a year ago I stepped into the world of Shamanic healing at a time of overwhelming grief and loss. Sam is so successful in helping me put back the lost pieces of my life, building a strength and resilience through love and interconnectedness. It’s a privilege to know Sam and be the recipient of her care and true gifts.

Bronwyn – Sydney

What an absolute honour and inspiration Sam’s continued guidance, meditations, and healing techniques have been to inspire me along the path of my true life’s purpose.

Pauline – Sydney

Sam is a very intuitive and gifted healer. I have known Sam for more than twenty years and over that time I have had the privilege of receiving some very powerful healings from her. During a Soul Retrieval, I experienced parts of myself that had been cut off and this proved to be hugely transformative. Thank you Sam xx

Adrienne – Sydney

I went to see Sam for the first time 4 years ago (2010) when I was dealing with some really huge challenges along my path . Sam’s healing sessions are like nothing I have ever experienced they work on such a deep emotional level especially with the added use of sound healing no matter what I am going through I always leave Sam’s healing space feeling focused, calm, back inside my body and connected to my soul ready to take on any challenge thrown my way.


Robyn – Sydney

I met Sam seven years ago (2007) on a pilgrimage to sacred sites in Ireland. Her ability to connect with the spirit of place enhanced the experiences of all who traveled in her company. Sam is truly a “hollow bone” as defined in the Native American tradition, in that she allows the power, grace, peace and light of Spirit to pass through her to bless the world and those around her. Over the years she has pursued her spiritual path with unfailing dedication. She has shown great courage in embracing the trials and rigours of shamanic journeying and has returned from those purifying fires with healing gifts and enhanced abilities to share with those who seek her help.

Kathy – Black Mountain, NC – USA

Sam’s meditation CD’s helped me have profound shifts that I am eternally grateful for. Sam’s meditation is so subtle and delivered with such love that I didn’t realise I was going so deep and had such profound affects on my mind and body. I now buy them for family and friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tina – Melbourne

My Soul retrieval with Sam was beyond words. She facilitated the retrieval of my soul parts that had left me long ago. I’m still feeling and acknowledging the changes that these returned soul parts are having on me as I integrate them into the whole, and I am loving who I am.
Sam instinctively knows what my Souls priorities are and in her warm, comfortable, unassuming way always brings me through healings with so much beauty, wonderful pearls of wisdom, forgotten knowledge, and ongoing healing changes to my body, mind and soul. You can spend forever trying to find someone to help you on your journey through life. Once I found Sam, I have continued to come back to her, as she has a beautiful Soul; gentle, caring touch; warmth and compassion; and an ability to aid me through anything I need.

Jodie – Canberra

Sam is a profoundly gifted healer and a woman of great integrity and compassion. I highly recommend her meditation circles and healing sessions for their transformative potency.

Marybeth – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

I met Sam in Ireland and was blessed enough to spend a couple of weeks sharing a spiritual journey together. She has a deep soul gift for healing on all levels that she has continued to master over the years I’ve known her. Her gift is unique and of Light in its pure sense. Your life is blessed when she is a part of it — her generosity of Spirit and depth of her gifts make her a gift for our challenging times.


Jeannie – Utah, USA

I first consulted Sam about 6 years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I thought a healing could help reduce my stress levels. I have had a number of healings with Sam since, which have helped me enormously. Early on,Sam told me that I was protected by a large Bear,which cheered me immensely. Coincidentally, I had recently had a dream about a large Bear which patrolled the borders of the home in which I lived in the dream! With Sam’s help, I was able to connect with Bear, which has been an ongoing wonderful experience. It will be 3 years this October since my first real connection with Bear. Of course, I cannot see him/her, but often I can see the indentation on the bed when I lay down to sleep, and I can feel the pressure against my leg or hip, or across my feet. Knowing about Bear has been an ongoing source of delight. Sam told me that if I had a problem, I could ask Bear for help, which I have done on several occasions, with startling results. I do not know whether Bear has always been my protector/spirit guide/whatever, but I do believe that he/she will be with me until the end, and hopefully beyond

Susan – Sydney

I shared a spiritual journey in Ireland with Sam. Her incandescent spirit and ability to experience oneness with the environment were, and are, inspirational. Sam is a born healer – and she brings joy and enhanced spiritual awareness to everyone she meets. There are angels among us.

Lynn – USA

I’ve been seeing Sam for meditations and shamanic healing sessions for a number of years and have a sense of peace and personal power that wasn’t tangible before. Thanks Sam xx

Sarah – Sydney

I feel incredibly fortunate to have come across Samantha Corrie and her Shamanic gifts and immense abilities as a healer. My journey with Sam has been a magical one and continues to be an ever-growing experience of revelations, realisations and spiritual awakenings as well as, healing at the deepest level of my being. Sam demonstrates a wonderful balancing act of being an incredibly empathic and authentic human while at the same time, a Spiritual being who reaches into the realms of Spirit to commune with and bridge you to the spiritual energies that wish to hold and guide you through this life. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone wanting to release the wounds of the past and to expand spiritually, to work with Sam. Your life will truly transform.

Michelle – Soul Sanctuary

I had the intense healing experience of being physically and spiritually led by Sam thru a long, cold, dark and wet tunnel which has given me the courage and awareness to go to those dark places of my own, on my own. Blessings.

Finbar – Ireland

I first saw Sam in 2005 and the experience truly shifted the direction of my life. I started exploring the spiritual side of the world and went on to change careers. I do credit Sam with being the catalyst for these changes. She is the most intuitive person I have ever met.

Sally – Stanmore, Sydney

Sam is my Earth-Angel! When I first met her she seemed somehow fragile, although not in a negative way.Just in a very feminine and beautiful way – like a delicate flower! When I then experienced Sam “in action” I was literally blown away by her power and strength. It seems like as soon as she starts working with you she plugs into this immense power-outlet of this unlimited source. She is so connected and well guided by her spirits, it’s like an army of angels looking after you, enveloping you and carrying you into the most sacred space that is created especially for you. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Sam’s work solo as well as in the “Goddess Workshop”, which I can highly recommend. Sam makes even me lost for words – do yourself a favour and experience her work – she is so high up there, yet so grounded – simply amazing!

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