Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

When you use my shop you are helping to create a magnificent garden of positive, empowering and loving change in yours and your loved ones garden of life.

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    4 week on-line-sacred-circle125

    I welcome you to my 4 week on-line sacred  circle, where I will hold space for you over as you journey deep into your soul / heart’s garden for healing, wisdom, transformation and truth.

    Week 1: Journeying to your heart / souls garden – What does it look like? What gently needs tending / weeding / nurturing?

    Week 2:  Tree of Life – What gifts does the season’s offer and how can you integrate these into our day to day life?

    Week 3: Guardians of the Fire – Through the beat of a shamanic drum, you will meet spirit guides, and be offered the chance to deeply let go into the dancing flames of a sacred fire.

    Week 4: Soul Retrieval – to deeply heal your hearts basket and reclaim what has been fragmented

    PLUS: A BONUS OFFER: FREE  pre- recorded SOUND HEALING – using bells, bowls, pan pipes, rattle, healing harp, shamanic drum and voice

    PLUS: once registered, you will have access to these beautiful life changing meditations and recordings forever, allowing you to enjoy them time after time.

    PLUS: 5% of revenue is being donated to FIFTEEN TREES – that means for everyone who signs up a tree is being planted on your behalf.


    beginning Tuesday 6 AUGUST (6,13, 20, 27 August 2019) 730-9pm AEST (Sydney Australia)

    Overseas and interstate participants ABSOLUTELY WELCOME. Please check your timezone to ensure that you are logged in on time.

    A zoom login, once registered, will give you access to this amazing course.

    For those that prefer to pay via EFT PLEASE PAY HERE

  • Guardians Of The Fire20.00

    Through the beat of a shamanic drum, you will meet your spiritual guides and beings, and be challenged to abandon pain, stress, anxiety and dis-ease into the dancing flames of the Fire. With each beat of the drum you will be encouraged to step closer and closer to finding your truth, personal power and majestic beauty.

  • The Tree of Life20.00

    Allow your spirit to be taken on a Shamanic journey as you travel through the seasons, shapeshifting and experiencing personally the exquisite changes of the human spirit in its quest for inner peace and serenity, and its eternal link to Mother Nature.

  • Twin Pack35.00

    Purchase both CDs together for a special discounted price.