Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

Women’s Workshops

This space has been created for women to be allowed and encouraged to heal, speak their truth, support and empower each other.

These groups are held seasonally 


WINTER    SATURDAY 15 JUNE 2019 – 2 places left

SPRING     SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER 2019 – 4 places left

SUMMER   SATURDAY – 21 DECEMBER 2019 – (Weekend of Summer Solstice)


The time has come for women to stand tall
to reclaim their land – the land of their soul, their heart and their dreams.

It is time for women to sing their song
their song of truth,
their song of love.

It is time for women to sow the seeds
the seeds of their childhood dreams, their hearts longing and their future.

It is time for women to grieve
to grieve, and lament all that has gone before them –
the sorrow, the hidden hurts, the stories left behind.

It is time for women to heal their inner forests of all that was felled and destroyed – felled by hurt, loss, pain, fear, addictions, anxieties and expectations.

It is time for women to be heard
to hear the ancient wisdom of their foremothers
the healers and wise ones of ages past.

It is time for women to be the basket weavers and wise women in their village again – weaving baskets of hope, truth and love, and offering more profound remedies that heal beyond the physical into the soul and heart of all those around.

It is time for women to stand tall
tall in their own unique power
tall in their own colourful splendour
tall in the ruling of their own inner landscape.

It is time for women to feel safe and confident
as they open the gates of their Queen-dom,

as they allow, invite and welcome






Self Esteem,

Personal Power

and above all


It is time for all women

to become a Goddess once again…


Through journeying, visualisation, craft, movement, ritual, and trusted sharing, you will step beyond your own boundaries to reclaim your full Goddess energies and the Queen-dom that is rightfully yours – your Heart.


All Seasonal Gatherings are $85 pp 

Bookings essential. Up front payment required. No refunds.


Direct Deposit is the preferred method of payment. 

BSB: 802 825

Account number: 610 80460

Samantha Corrie

$85 pp




Sacred Woman – Sacred Grove

Healing the Divine Feminine and the landscape of her soul

is a workshop that empowers women to heal deeply 

  • by healing their own inner landscape and once felled trees
  • by listening to the call of their ancestors
  • by healing past masculine and feminine pain;
  • by providing a sacred space to meet and to know the Goddess within and how this Goddess can live in todays modern world
  • by learning and understanding the 13 wisdoms her inner soul
  • and by honouring the natural cycles and initiatory stages of woman and how these cycles can heal, empower and give voice to the immense truth and power within

Please contact Sam for future dates and times for this workshop



For further information about any of these gatherings please contact phone Sam on 0415 980 222