Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

Mentoring Programs


Once upon a time, you knew all the answers to all the questions.

You knew how to heal  yourself.

You knew how to connect to the land, to the elements

to the spirit in everything.

You were a divine being that was proud to shine your light and proud to stand tall in your own truth and deep ancient power.


in some time or another,

things got lost, confused, pained and hurt,

things got very very out of balance

you chose silence over the truth

and hiding your skills and talents was a way to protect yourself,

and the inner wisdom that once shone so brightly hid


far away.


I welcome you back, as you reawaken the ancient wisdom that lives deep within

as you delve deeply and connect to your own Truth

and as you unravel your fears and personal doubts.

I welcome you back, as you are given time to speak your True Story

to find the right words to articulate the deeper journey of your souls memories, your life and dreams,

I welcome you back as you walk the tunnel of your fears and traverse the overgrown pathways of self doubt, low self esteem, loneliness, dis-ease, grief and sorrow

I welcome you back as you learn to weed your garden of the noxious weeds of karmic, genetic and ancestral pattering, societal pressure, addictions, stress and anxiety.

I welcome you back as you connect once again to the Earth, to the elements and to the Spirit that lives within all things.

I welcome you back as you enter different realms of consciousness to heal, to learn, to release and to grow.

I welcome you back, as a safe space is created for you to call your own,

as you cry and laugh
as you become angry and feel pain –
as you are given permission to FEEL in a deep authentic way

I welcome you back to your truth and integrity, as you heal on a deep cellular level

as you heal and retrieve any lost and fragmented soul parts, and welcome them home..


home to your heart.


I offer you my skills as a way to help you traverse the dark long tunnels, the overgrown pathways, and as a way to help you reawaken the divine wisdom, sacred medicine and magic that lives within.

I offer you the wisdom that I have gained from decades and decades of sitting in sacred space with wondrous teachers, shamans, mentors and healers from near and far, of sitting with the Earth, and of years and years and years of traversing my own personal fears and shadows.


May we walk together

and share,
and heal,
and evolve

and grow.


You are the Gardner of your Soul and Hearts Garden,

You are your greatest Healer, Shaman, Wise woman / man,

I offer you a space to welcome home that ancient wisdom,

that ancient medicine that already lives deep within.


My Mentoring Programs, are offered in the following ways:

sessions last between 60-90 minutes



These packages are for those who are ready to truly re-awaken the ancient wisdom that lives deep within. It is for those that understand that to become the true gardener, shaman and medicine person that you already are, a deeper commitment is required as you gently, softly and with tender hands open the inner doors of your own sacred medicine.


1 month –   $720          4 weekly sessions       (upfront payment  $660)

3 months – $1,080      6 fortnightly sessions (upfront payment $960)


payment plan offered on request


Face to face and Skype / phone sessions available


I look forward to sharing sacred healing space with you as you step beyond the boundary line of your current life

as you set sail into your own truth, heart and infinite landscape,

and as you become more than you ever believed you could be.


If you would like to share sacred healing / mentoring space with me, please BOOK HERE

or contact me on 0415 980 222

Until we meet,

Blessed Be