Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

Welcome to my online workshops.  Here you will find a variety of online gatherings and sacred circles for you to enjoy.  

Chat Time With Sam has been created to provide you with short life affirming courses that you can keep forever. These courses provide you with a space where you can  gently breathe out, where you can find the stillness within and where you can give yourself permission to pause as you welcome home the divine magic and personal power that resides deep within.

F.O.L.K.S Friday night meditation is usually a face to face gathering, however during COVID-19 we will gather together and share via zoom.

Let’s Talk About is a empowering  sacred space that invites deep, honest, raw and open discussions and meditations around topics such as joy, grief, love, anger, shame, resentment. 

Sacred Woman Sacred Grove is an online woman’s workshop honouring the 13 powers and 13 wisdoms of the Divine Feminine.


I look forward to sharing sacred space with you soon. For more information on any of these beautiful gatherings please contact Sam on 0415 980 222 or email