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Immrama voyage of the spirit

Immrama – Sacred Voyage of the Spirit

to be held over a-year-and-a-day

“The Immrama – Sacred Voyage of the Spirit” is a life-changing program for those that know that NOW is the time to lift up your anchor, step into those dark tunnels, befriend the dragon and sail away beyond your current shore of understanding and knowing,

for it is way beyond THERE that your deepest TRUTH lies.

“Through the Immrama I have learned many techniques to help myself on a daily basis in life… It is fascinating and has meant life has opened up in new and beautiful ways – I feel more alive as a result.”

“Sam is real, gentle, humble, sweet, kind, compassionate, and makes me laugh….Whatever emotional space you are experiencing when in her company, it will be accepted and nurtured….Sam works intuitively and tailors her teaching in a personal way and this means my learnings have been rich and profound.”

“I most definitely recommend taking the voyage of the Immrama… I would take this path hundreds of times over …It is a beautiful and profound journey which involves healing yourself and manifesting a lighter life which vibrates at a higher level, and which will not cease to inspire and amaze you.”


have YOU heard the call,
the call of the raven,
the call of the ocean,
the call of your HEART?

Have YOU heard the call,
the call to learn
the call to heal
the call to connect to nature and spirit
the call to step beyond your present shore line and sail the uncharted waters of your consciousness
the call to remember who you are and why you are here?

If you are called to lift up your anchor, because NOW is the time..
and sail deep beyond your current shore of understanding
knowing that beyond THERE is where your TRUTH lies

If you are called to learn ancient skills of healing and transformation,
the call to connect to your ancestors and learn the ancient wisdom of your own lineage
the call to heal deeply the marks in your cells that have caused dis-ease, trauma and grief
the call to connect to your fragmented soul parts

If you are called to understand the cycles of nature
the cycles of death, dying and rebirth
the cycles that rise and fall within your own Divine Feminine and Masculine energies

If you are called to connect to the Spirit of the Earth
to walk upon her bosom with more awareness and intention

If you are called to help heal the toxins in the Earth
and to connect to the Spirits of Earth and Sky

I invite you to board your boat and sail with me beyond the physical realms of consciousness

to your ultimate TRUTH

and into the depth of your HEART…..

I invite you to join me on this “Immrama”, A-year-and-a-day Sacred Voyage of the Spirit.

Join me as we voyage beyond the horizon as we gather in sacred ceremony and community and remember who we really are and why we are here

Join me as we sail together to your absolute Truth as you sail deep into your heart’s value system and learn to travel to the Calling that lives there as you learn to navigate your own dark stormy weather with more skills, tools and empathy, as you learn to walk with deeper understanding and awareness in your own souls landscape.


This program is LIFE. CHANGING.



what it is like to sail beyond the boundaries of their minds

to meet the Wisdoms of their HEART.

I’m offering my skills, wisdoms, teachings and learnings, over A-Year-and-a-Day, to travel with you beyond your current shore-line of limitations, fears, anxiety, ancestral pain and trauma, to arrive safely on islands of deep healing, transformation and empowerment.

There will be

Regular gatherings over a-year-and-a-day including:

  • face-to-face teachings and mentoring sessions
  • Seasonal Healing Workshop at Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice
  • Skype and phone sessions
  • 5 x personal healing / mentoring sessions
  • Partner work

I invite you to join me on this Sacred Immrama – Voyage of the Spirit

This Immrama is based in Coogee, Sydney NSW. It has been specifically written and facilitated in the city to ensure that you have the skills and wisdom to ground these ancient teachings in your day to day life. Walking the razors-edge with one foot in the modern world and the other in the spirit realm is a balancing act, one that I have lived and breathed all my life. I offer my skills and personal life experiences as we set sail, merging ancient skills into this modern world.

So, let us journey, heal, share and gather together at different times throughout the day – sometimes at dawn, sometimes at dusk, sometimes in the day, sometimes at night, and sometimes over specific weekends. All the time, honouring your current life experiences and your calling…

I would be honoured to be your Guide as you step to the front of your boat and sail way beyond the boundaries of your shore…

Destination –


“Immrama” begins at Dawn on the Autumn Equinox

Investment: $14,990

Upfront payment due: MARCH NEW MOON – $13,500

Monthly options available.
Non refundable deposit $2,000 is payable by FEBRUARY Full Moon

Please contact me or 0415 980 222 to arrange a 20 minute chat to ensure all your questions are answered before you embark with me on the voyage of a lifetime…

Until we meet….
where the ocean meets the shore,

Blessed Be.