Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

According to the Shamanic way of viewing the world, one of the major causes of illness is Soul Loss.

Once upon a time, in the depths of your heart, you held a magnificent basket.

A basket that was so exquisite, so detailed, so finely made and so pure that is “shone with a glow of magic.”

Then one day, your basket broke..


fell apart

and all that was held within it was unable to be contained and securely held –

your dreams,

your hopes,

your health

your passions

and visions

these slowly fell away

and out of your basket.

And a new life of ill health, lethargy, addictions, depression, hopelessness and emptiness came upon you

You began to grow “old”,

old in your spirit

old in your heart

old in your health,

and while hanging on by core fibres, your basket was essentially broken.

Broken and fragmented by trauma

by life

by grief.

And while in this state, you “lived” as best you could

functioning to your now new way of working

you knew that if only someone could help you RE WEAVE YOUR BASKET WITH THE FIBRES THAT ARE YOURS,

you would feel whole once again.

This is SOUL LOSS.. when the fibres of your being are fragmented, lost, broken..

when because of trauma you feel separate from life and distant from the world.

It is when the Raven of Truth watches over you,

yet all you can see is darkness and despair.

According to the Shamanic way of viewing the world, Soul Loss is a major spiritual illness that causes dis-ease.  It is the fragmented soul.. fragmented and lost because of trauma, illness, shock and or pain, and needing guidance, healing and help to return home.

This is my work,

the essence of what I love to do..

helping folk (especially women) reconnect to their lost soul parts and welcome them home.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, through trauma, soul loss, illness and or pain, we cut away at our inner landscape and we disconnect from the Earth – we fear nature, we hurt nature and we become unaware of our footprint upon the Earth. When we become more connected to ourselves we automatically become more connected to the splendour of Nature.

I would love to work with you

and welcome you home


to the exquisite landscape of their heart

home to your truth

home to the wholeness you feel when your souls basket is rewoven once again.

To book a healing please phone 0415 980 222 or contact me here

(please note: I am passionate about working with people to come home to their hearts, and thus when someone cancels I would like to offer that time slot to others, however if less than 24 hours notice is given, I do ask that you honour my cancellation fee of $50)