Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

Cellular Memory Healing

Every cell in the body has a consciousness, a memory and the innate wisdom to heal.

When we experience beautiful and exquisite moments in our lives our cells vibrate at a frequency that is as magical as watching the dawn rise to greet a new day, leaving a memory that invokes personal power, serenity and oneness.

However when we experience trauma and soul loss our cells constrict. Then when the memories of the trauma get stuck and remain in our cells illness, pain, dis-ease, depression and lack of self esteem occurs, at times even resulting in physical dis-eases.

Through the use

  • of gentle touch
  • vibrational sound
  • shamanic healing techniques
  • journeying
  • breath work,

blockages are found, released and freed from deep within the body.

When the cellular memory of the trauma is released

  • breathing becomes easier
  • ancient knowledge is accessed
  • deep peace is restored
  • old habits, addictions and “shackles” are released
  • health and well being becomes stronger
  • self esteem and confidence is gained
  • personal power is felt

For in place of the old traumatic memory

are replaced, restored and Welcomed Home.