Shamanic Practitioner / Spiritual Healer

Welcome to my online community!

This contact page of my website has two REALLY important roles to play.

Firstly, if you fill in the little box on the right hand side you get to receive my newsletters and writings! These are little letters that come through the wind and blow gently on your soul for healing, for thought, for realisations, for nourishment.

Other times, they provide the purpose of helping me to promote new and wonderful workshops that I hope you will join me on.

Secondly this page allows you to write to me.  Please send me a letter, ask me a question, book into a workshop or two, and or request a healing for yourself or your loved ones.

I endeavour to reply to your letters within 2 business days.

Please know that your personal details are and always will be treated with utmost respect and care.  They will only ever be used as a means by which I personally contact you to share healing and empowering information.

Please feel free to update your subscription at anytime.

Until we meet,

Blessed Be.